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Is Your Credit Card an MVP*? (Most Valuable Purchaser)

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If your business is like ours, it results in an array of financial expenditures and virtually none of them are cash transactions. While any credit card could act as an intermediary between us and other businesses, we found that one in particular really "works" for us. 
The Capital One Spark Business Card gives us 2% cash-back rewards on every purchase, with no expiration on those rewards. We can build the rewards up to cover big, unexpected expenses or use them as we go along to keep outlays low all throughout the year. With free employee cards, those rewards can add-up pretty quickly!
2 percent cash back credit card rewards manufactured spending
Another "plus" about the Spark Business Card is that we were able to pick our own monthly due date. Schedule your due date so you can pay all your business bills at once, or pick another date to spread out reimbursements. There is no need to feel the anxiety of all your money flowing out the door at the same time. 
Use the Spark Card to pay suppliers for inventory, to keep subscription services going for things like Tax Jar and Helium10, and to stock your office with printer paper and hand sanitizer. At year's end, you can get an itemized spending report in such formats as Excel, QuickBooks and Quicken to simplify taxes. 
For just $95 annually, our Capital One Spark Business Card gives us invaluable flexibility and peace of mind. 

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