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Tips to Give Your Amazon Listing a Lift

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What a busy year it’s been! We just looked up from crafting product listings to find that it's already July!

 As lively as it's been for us at, it's been equally hectic for third-party merchants who have had to bob and weave to adjust to significant changes within the Amazon Marketplace. Some sellers awoke to find that some of their product reviews had been wiped-out after Amazon declared that they’d been obtained through prohibited means. Other 3P merchants are reconfiguring their inventory strategies as new performance metrics were implemented that could seriously impact how much storage space you can use in Amazon fulfillment centers. 

Now more than ever, it is imperative that your product listing function efficiently and on all cylinders:

     *Add tidbits of helpful information to your listing images. Do not overwhelm shoppers with images that are too cluttered with text or graphics, but do consider using these spots to free-up the indexed fields for SEO content that is more apt to convert to sales.

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     *Get to the point. More than 70% of Amazon customers use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to do their shopping. Your listing looks much different on these devices than when viewed on a laptop screen or desktop monitor. Product title and bullet point lengths should be crafted with this in mind. Extreme wordiness is vexing on a mobile device, to the degree that some buyers will go find an offer that is easier to read. Besides the formatting difference, Amazon indicates that bullet points are not indexed for search after the first 500 characters (not words but letters, numbers, spaces, etc). Keywords in bullet points 2 through 5 may not perform if your 1st bullet is 500 characters long. That the fields let you insert more text does not mean that the practice is effective.

     *Use keywords with laser-like focus. Throwing everything at the wall and seeing what will stick, so to speak, does more harm than good. If you’re trying to launch puppy pee pads as a private-label product, don’t throw-in “dog bed”, “crate cushion” and “bedwetting” for good measure. Every time an Amazon shopper clicks away from your puppy pee pads because they’re not the dog bed or crate cushion they were hoping for, your bounce rate is negatively impacted and your listing languishes farther and farther down the search results.

By trimming your listing of burdensome content and rearranging other information for greater balance, your product listing – and your sales - should rise to new heights.


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