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Listen to Amazon and Leave Your Competition in the Dust


One of the goals of Amazon 3P merchants is to have a listing that is all our own.  We often go to great lengths to safeguard our Buy Boxes by adding complementary items to our main products, thus creating unique, proprietary bundles that are difficult (if not impossible) for other sellers to replicate. The result is a listing that is impervious to competition.

Some of us agonize over how to create such an offering.  Amazon's policy on bundling is very clear:  secondary items in your bundle must be related to the main product and add value for the shopper.  So how can you tell what secondary items would be worthwhile to bundle with your main product?  It's actually very easy because Amazon TELLS you.  Scroll down, down, down to the middle of your listing.  Below the bullets but above the product description block.  There it is, in gold letters:Amazon FBA Bundles

For example, if you're selling a hamburger press, Amazon may indicate that shoppers frequently also add Patty Papers to their carts when they buy the press.  That is your clear indication of a complementary item to bundle with your hamburger press.  
Maybe your product is a metal detector.  Amazon says that treasure hunters also tend to add a sand scoop to their cart to make sifting out those finds easier on the beach.  
The beauty of these secondary items is that you can often have them branded specifically for your company, making it virtually impossible for other sellers to obtain - and shutting the door on their hopes of hopping onto your listing. 
If your main product has a sale price that puts it in the Add-On category, bundling it with another item allows you to raise your selling price and get yourself out of Add-On Hell.  
Creating bundles is not a nightmare.  Though Amazon has some specific rules about the listings, once you navigate your first bundle, you'll wonder why you didn't do them sooner.  If you've got a bundle item that you'd like to bring to the Amazon marketplace, MyAMZExpert is more than able to craft an optimized and compliant product listing.

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