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About us

As experienced third-party merchants, we have a unique understanding of the Amazon selling platform. In 2014, after much success optimizing our own products for Amazon sales, we began crafting compelling product listings for our fellow merchants. To date, we have amassed over 1,000 five-star reviews, with clients often reporting that their inventories sold out quickly. We have countless brand owners who turn to us time & time again as they launch new products.

        Kim Herbel

Spanning the Globe

Our  product listing services have helped clients in the United States and Canada, as well as across the ocean in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Malaysia, Russia and China. We know that our process works, not only because our clients report back about their success, but because we use it ourselves as Amazon FBA merchants.  

SEO Optimization is Essential

We craft persuasive and original copy, strategically integrating high-converting keywords throughout your listing to get you placed as high in your product’s search results as possible right from the start.  Because there are too many variables in the marketplace, no one can (or should) guarantee results, but with our proven track record, you will have the BEST possible chance of realizing success as a third-party merchant on Amazon. 

Our Services

  • SEO Listing Optimization
  • Digitally Enhanced Lifestyle Images
  • A+ EBC Enhanced Brand Content
  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • Sponsored Ads - PPC

Don’t trust your product launch to someone with no Amazon selling experience. Let our firsthand knowledge as 3P merchants help guide you past the product listing pitfalls and set you on the path for success.