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Writing Product Descriptions that Convert to Sales!

Even the best-made, most in-demand product won’t sell on Amazon without a masterful product listing

You’ve gone to great lengths to identify a niche and then source a high-quality product, sinking much time and energy into the endeavor. Why would you then skimp on a poorly-written, ineffective listing that doesn’t convert to sales?

At My Amz Expert, we have firsthand knowledge about the challenges of being a third-party merchant on the world’s largest e-commerce platform, because we’re selling there right alongside you!  We craft our own SEO-optimized listings, highlighting a product’s best attributes with strategically placed keywords that help draw as many relevant shoppers as possible. That translates into more sales and greater profitability. Now we offer the same meticulously composed listings to our fellow Amazon 3P merchants.

When you work with My Amz Expert, you aren’t getting a generic copywriter who knows nothing about selling on-line. You get a team of sellers with direct knowledge of Amazon’s terms of service, FDA guidelines, and with exemplary writing skills that motivate shoppers to click that “Add to Cart” button. 

By entrusting your copywriting needs to us, you’ll receive our full confidentiality throughout the entire process. If you would like a formal Confidentiality Agreement in place, we will execute an agreement upon request. Then, we will deliver a full product listing which includes an SEO-optimized title of up to 200 characters; 5 bullet points (approx. 200 characters each) that emphasize your product’s most desirable features; and an informative product description of approximately 350 words.  We will add light HTML to the description, in the form of bold tag lines and paragraph breaks to make your listing more eye-catching and easier to read.  We will take every opportunity to make your listing keyword-rich from beginning to end, so that your product is included in as many relevant searches as possible – because the more it’s seen, the more it sells!

We don’t charge differently for a health-and-beauty item than we do for, say, a kitchen item. We also do not deliver product listings that violate FDA or FTC guidelines, or any of Amazon’s terms of service, for that matter. (We will not write x-rated or sexually explicit content, nor do we write book listings.)

You may wonder why we keep our titles and bullet points to 200 characters or less, when the fields in your listing often accept more. The reason is two-fold:

  • In July 2015, Amazon began suppressing listings that have titles in excess of 200 characters. Other titles have been clipped at Amazon’s discretion, whether it makes your product listing readable or not. Affected listings are not “removed”, mind you; they’re still there. But they’re adrift at the bottom of the search results.  Definitely not the situation you want to be in.
  • Purchases on mobile devices now account for MORE than half of all Amazon sales, and at Christmas time that number swells above the 70-percent mark. That means your listing needs to be mobile-friendly. Pick a product (one of your own, or someone else’s) and compare the way it looks on your laptop versus how it looks on a smartphone. Vastly different, right? The never-ending titles and bullets are not reader-friendly, and this results in shoppers clicking away in frustration to a competitor’s offer. Another situation you don’t want to be in.

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  It’s a sure thing that potential buyers won’t understand it well enough, then, if it’s mired-down in extraneous content. Don’t worry that a lean listing will be short on keywords. Our copywriters make exceptional use of every character space while still being clear and concise about your product’s best features. Shoppers reward such clarity with purchases!

We strive for quick turn-around on your order, but we won’t skimp on quality.

If your product listing is going to take longer than a week to deliver, we will advise you upon ordering. When you place your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a questionnaire that helps supply us with details about your product. Every nuance that you can provide (to include photos, if possible) will go that much further in allowing us to craft the most effective listing possible.