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Even with the most well-written and SEO-optimized Amazon listing, your product can languish at the back of the pack. A niche can become saturated quickly, and competitor pricing can be fierce. That's why you need Amazon Sponsored Ads Management (PPC) by a seasoned Amazon marketing expert. Through meticulous competitor and keyword research, MyAMZExpert PPC managers will strive to get sales traction for your product and convert shoppers into buyers.

Here are a few important reasons why you should put your listing in the hands of a PPC manager:

  1. Focused attention on marketing - You have countless other tasks to contend with, from inventory management to customer correspondence and employee supervision. Your MyAMZExpert PPC Manager has none of those distractions so she or he can devote attention solely to cultivating positive ROIs for your business.
  2. We harness the power of keywords - MyAMZExpert uses the best research tools from paid subscription services, rather than relying on free (and questionable) keyword tools. We employ numerous analyses of data points for a clear picture of the competitive landscape, "drilling down" to glean the most productive keywords for your listing. By saving you money on paid research tools and also by having the time to intensively scrutinize the marketplace, you'll stretch your advertising budget farther and get more results from your PPC expenditures.
  3. Tracking and campaign management are critical - Again, your myriad other tasks don't leave you adequate time to handle these alone. Campaign settings and management tools take time to learn. Meanwhile, the competition is getting out in front of your niche. We already have this expertise and tracking tools are already set-up. Your PPC campaign can get off the ground, with positive results quickly visible, within days of putting it into our hands.
  4. We never stop learning - Because algorithms and PPC techniques are ever-evolving, our PPC managers stay on-top of those trends. This ensures that your campaign remains competitive, relevant and ready to pivot with shifting industry nuances.

When you entrust your PPC campaign to MyAMZExpert, we will ensure top performance of your listing by implementing the following processes:

  • Converting profitable search terms to keywords  
  • Reducing spending on non-converting / under-performing search terms
  • Blocking ads to eliminate visibility to irrelevant audiences
  • Reducing spending on new, unproductive keywords
  • Adding converting ASINs to product target campaigns 
  • Using advanced targeting such as "close match", "substitutes", etc.
  • Managing placements of ads through "Top of Search" and "Product Pages"
After subjecting your campaign to these processes, we will be able to provide you with week-over-week and month-over-month performance reports to help determine the path forward for your campaign.
How many ASINs will we manage
Once you subscribe, we will reach out to you to discuss your ASIN(s), campaign budget, and granting us sub-user access to your account.
While we hate to see you go, if you ever need to end our service, simply use our hassle-free unsubscribe button to end your subscription. Management services will end on the day you cancel. If you need to stop ads from appearing on Amazon, it will be important for you to pause the campaigns on Amazon directly.