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Get As Seen On Media Logos for Your Product - CBS FOX NBC and more
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Get As Seen On Media Logos for Your Product - CBS FOX NBC and more

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Create mass-market awareness of your business or product withour Press Release Package.  We will write your 300-400 word press release and distribute it to an ever-growing list of authority news sites including NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates

You receive media logos image files to use.

With our service, you can claim “As Seen On” with Media Logos for yourself, your website, business, product and service. In addition to increasing brand visibility, you will gain social proof and garner trust from potential customers and clients.


What Topics and Industries you can’t promote?

Due to strict industry guidelines, we can’t promote topics or businesses that deal with:

  • Politics and Political Campaign
  • Lawsuits and Legal Cases
  • Dating, porn, sexually-explicit content and adult-oriented material
  • Casino, gambling or betting
  • Supplements, medicines, weight loss products and medical alternatives
  • MLM, make money from home, or get rich schemes
  • Expressing negative views, defamation, and slander
  • Product reviews
  • Unlocking or jailbreaking a phone
  • Selling social media traffic, likes and followers
  • Tobacco, vaping products, alcohol and marijuana
  • Racism and violence

 Can I use press release distribution service for link building or keyword ranking?

No, press release distribution services are not meant for link building, SEO or keyword ranking, as the links in press release are no-follow, and the syndicated press release posts get deleted by the news sites after a certain period of time.

Any press release wire service that’s not following the above-mentioned rules is simply violating the rules and guidelines set by Google and press release industry.

Why can’t I use blog or article in place of a press release?

Like the name suggests, this is “Press Release Distribution Service”, NOT Article Distribution Service. Hence, only press release can be used for this service. Moreover, the news sites where your press release will be syndicated will not accept anything other than an AP Style press release.

I don’t want syndication in 400+ sites. I want syndication in only a handful of sites, as per my selection. Is that possible?

No, when it comes to wire services, your press release is sent out to an exhaustive list of news sites, portals, and media outlets. Hence, it’s not possible to prevent syndication to certain sites, or number of sites that are already on our database.

Why press release posts are not permanent?

No matter what press release distribution service you use, the syndicated press release posts will be deleted by the news sites after certain period of time, once the news becomes old. Hence, the press release links will no longer work. It’s a standard industry practice and we do not have any control over it. 

Are links in press release no-follow?

Yes, as per Google’s guidelines, links in press release will be no-follow by default.

Can you make further changes in the press release draft, once it has been distributed or published?

Sorry, once the PR has been sent out for distribution or published in news outlets, we cannot make any changes. Hence, we recommend you to always double check your press release, and send us a final draft that’s ready for publication with no factual errors. We are not responsible for wrong info or factual errors in the press release draft provided by you.

Can you remove press release once it has been distributed, published, or syndicated to media outlets?

It’s not humanly possible to stop a press release that has already been sent out for distribution to our media contacts and outlets. For $200 per press release, we can process your removal request and get the press release removed from most of the media outlets and sites. However, please keep in mind that despite our effort, some of the publications might not accept removal request at all.

Can I claim “As Seen On” FOX NBC CBS, etc with my website, social media profiles, pictures and marketing materials?

Of course, you can! However, your rights are only limited to using “As Seen On” with the network logos. DO NOT claim affiliation, endorsement, partnership, or anything similar in nature that violates their rules.


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