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Keyword Report on Your Top 10 Amazon Competitors
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Keyword Report on Your Top 10 Amazon Competitors

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Unlock the secrets to your competitors' strategy by seeing which keywords they are ranking on.

You will receive the following reports:

  • Advertising Keywords. We pull a list of the keywords up to 10 competitors are spending their advertising budgets on. These are sorted by highest search volume and include only keywords your competitors are ranked on Page 1 for.
  • Reverse ASIN research. We pull up to 10 of your competitors’ ASINs through a Reverse ASIN tool to gather all the relevant keywords the listing is ranking for.  We then sort this list by highest traffic for "exact phrase matches".  This report also shows how many units you would need to "give away/sell" during your launch to rank at the top of page 1.
  • Amazon Choice research. Using the results from the Reverse ASIN report, we narrow it down to provide only the keyword phrases that competitor ASINs are ranking for with the "Amazon Choice" badge.   
  • Keyword Magnet Research – Using your main keyword phrase, we pull all the relevant keyword possibilities for your product. This is compiled in addition to the Reverse ASIN search to gather any additional keywords possibilities.
  • Smart Complete. Using the Keyword Magnet report we filter the results to show a list of search phrases that are auto populated in the Amazon search bar when a customer starts their search for a product.  These can be great mid-tail and long-tail keywords to advertise on.
  • Long Tail Keywords Research – Using the Keyword Magnet report we filter the results to show only long tail keyword phrases. You can save money on PPC by setting up a manual campaign for these as "phrase match" with low bids.  These keyword phrases won't get as much traffic as broad keyword phrases, but the traffic that converts to sales will be less expensive for your budget.

With these invaluable keywords in your arsenal, you can construct a SEO-optimized product listing, identify keywords to add to your back-end search terms, and run ad campaigns that boost your product's exposure and net you more sales.

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